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Electric Motors (brushless)

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of general purpose low voltage brushless AC & DC (BLAC/BLDC) motors with power ranges from 200 watts to 15 kW (.15 to 20 HP) with a voltage range from 24V to 120V DC.Brushless systems provide better performance and are much more reliable than traditio ...
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Controllers for BLDC motors

All brushless motors are 3 phase DC machines that require a controller to regulate the various functions like speed (motor voltage), torque (motor current) and in special cases servo positioning control.There are three main categories of controllers based on capacity, functionality and price.A) Low ...
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Motor and Controller Sets

A typical drive set comprises of the following components:Brushless motorBrushless speed controllerMotor cables, 3 phases, cut to length as required with copper connector lugs crimped to both endsSpeed command device (potentiometer knob, foot pedal, joystick, etc)Contactor for DC battery isolationC ...
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Linear Actuators

Linear-Mech is a range of quality Italian made linear electric actuators utilizing 12 or 24 volt DC or 240 vAC electric motors.There are 5 basic frame sizes with:Thrusts to 1000 kgSpeeds to 600 mm/secTypical applications are:Throttle controlsRudder controlsWindow, door and lock actuationDamper valve ...
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Electric Carts & Vehicles

We provide all types of motors and controllers for vehicle applications using battery power, for example:Golf Carts Ride on vehicles All terrain vehicles Rail track work dollies Flywheel accelerators Bikes Special purpose vehicles and machines for industrial and military applicationsWe supply vehicl ...
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A full range of system components are available, including:DC and AC motors Speed controller variations 3 phase motor power cables Battery supply cables Control cables Contactors and circuit breakers Manual knob, handwheel and foot pedal speed controls Full circuit design ...
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Electric Outboard Motors

There is a growing number of boat owners that favour electric propulsion to power their day boats, yachts and cruisers.Electric motors are quiet, clean, reliable and economical to run.Electric propulsion makes for a very pleasant trip thanks to the absence of noise, fumes or vibrations and the bilge ...
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Wheelchairs, electric driven

Go Brushless Electric Wheelchair!10x Longer Life, Super Light, Quick Foldable, 50% Battery Saving, Maintenance-Free!Wheelchair catalogue 161215Customer's Experience about this innovative folding wheelchair"I just recently purchased a PW-8F20 wheelchair and with the batteries arriving Tuesday ...
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E-Commerce Products

Many other electo-mechanical products are available here for on-line purchasing including:Low cost linear actuators Brushed permanent magnet motors Screw transmission products Linear bearings Stepper motors and drives ...
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Boating applications have a broad range of uses:PropellerMain propulsionSide thrustingPumpsSteeringRemote control (via Bluetooth)WinchesThe typical advantages are high efficiency with low space requirement. ...
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